Often when we are going through a difficult time

We usually just focus on the problem

We think of all possible things that can go wrong or that it might become worse

We lose all hope & give up faith altogether

But we forget that after each dark night there is always a beautiful bright day

The sun sets only to rise again

We forget that whenever we are hurt from some people or face rejection from people

There is always that someone who pulls us out from it

Someone who is always there for us

Someone who motivates us to try harder

We often forget these individuals

Maybe now that you look back on your dark nights

Do remember and be grateful to those bright people who helped you to make you who you are today.

~ UmmOmer

Wings to fly

Each time you fall

It’s for you to rise up

Every hardship you endure

Is to strengthen you even more than before

Every tear you shed

Prepares you to embrace the storm

Your weaknesses

Aren’t to impede your path

Just remember …

Each step you take is to propel you further

For you to have the wings to fly higher


I often like to ponder around & reflect on nature

Life has been busy since the past few months

I wasn’t able to cherish as much as I used to

But today my eyes caught on a yellow tree among all the green ones

It made me ponder on why few trees tend to turn yellow first with the changing breeze

Then I thought… isn’t it same with people

Some people are more sensitive to changes around them

They tend to sense the change & adapt accordingly

They tend to be stronger & able to withstand the harsh weather

We all are different & react differently to the changing seasons around us

Changing seasons & changing colours shouldn’t make us harsh rather more beautiful ( inside & out )

Enjoy the start of one of the most beautiful season of the year !

– UmmOmer

Signs for me

The canopy of the bight blue flawless sky over me

The lofty mountains touching the heavens

The crisp sound of autumn leaves crunching under my feet

The sensation of scrunching sand under my feet near the ocean

The beautiful smell of evergreen trees in the green lustrous forest

Are all signs for me to see,smell & sense and know that there is a Creator.


Sunny and cold days of our life

Todays cold breeze signaled the change of seasons

Even though we witness winter every year

I feel with every spring & summer

We tend to forget that winter will eventually come

We enjoy the beauty of summer so much that we often tend to forget about the harshness of winter

We cherish warm weather, greenery & sunny days so much that we forget about the frigid winters,barren trees & virgin snow

But with the first cool breeze, we know that seasons are now changing

It signals the need to change our ways & be prepared

Is it not the same with our lives ?

Every happiness & blessing makes us believe that they will last forever

But with the first hardship or trial we realize the fact that our lives are full of hardships and ease

It’s us who need to change our ways and brace for the change

As nothing stays the same

Life is indeed a journey full of some cold nights along with plenty of sunny days

– UmmOmer


🌸Gratitude for what you have is one of the greatest gifts you can give your self.🌸

💕I am thankful for the life I live 💕

Most people spend far more energy thinking about what they want and don’t have than they ever spend thinking about what they do.

Instead of focusing on what is missing from your life, enjoy your life for what it already is.

~ Domonique Bertolucci