Allah’s favour

Nestled in the heart of downtown Calgary
A peaceful refuge
A spiritual blessing
A serene sanctuary
A niche to connect with our Lord
To contemplate about life
To reconnect with The Most Merciful
It is indeed one of His numerous favours
-Umm Omer


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Imam AlShafi’ee said, “Journey to Allah limping and broken and don’t wait for wellness, because waiting for wellness is inability.” What is the meaning of journey to Allah broken? It means, for example, that you get up to pray but your prayer is still without focus, you recite the quran but it is a broken […]

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Quran Journal 

Surah Isra 

“If you do good you do good for yourselves”…

Points to ponder~

*The purpose of our creation- He who created life & death to test us, who among us will do good deeds.[Surah Mulk:2]

*So if we do good deeds we are in a way fulfilling our purpose of life.

* Allah swt has created us to spread love, peace & do good to all.

*Good deeds is not just doing the acts of worship like salah,fast,charity,haj(pilgrimage) but our life mainly consists of our dealings with people.

*When we do sabr(patience),forgive, forget, over look others faults, show mercy to young & old, respect our elders,contiue to be good even to those who are mean to us-all this is Ahsaan-doing good

*Having a good akhlaq(good manners, character) is also doing good.

*Whenever we do good, its going to benefit us in both worlds.

*Maintaining families ties, no matter how difficult it is for us – is also doing good.

*A clean heart & a smile on your face is also doing good.

*Allah knows how hard it was for us to do good with a particular person & at a particular moment(or time of our life)& surely He is All Knowing,All Seeing & All Hearing.

Surely Allah is As Shakoor- One who will reward us abundantly.

*So O my dear soul never get tired of doing good.😊

Adhere to these 9 qualities 

The messenger of Allah ( PBUH) said,”My Lord has commanded me nine qualities:1.Fearing Allah both secretly & openly;

2.Saying only the words of justice both when angry & when happy;

3.Maintaining moderation both during poverty & affluence;

4.Making up ( social obligations & relationships) with a relative who shirks his obligation to me or breaks away from me;

5.Giving even to the person who deprives me;

6.Forgiving him who is unjust to me;

7.Reflecting when I am quiet;remembering Allah when I speak;& learning lessons from what I see,

8.Enjoining good; &

9.Forbidding evil.
[Mishkat Masabeh ]

O Allah beautify our hearts with Imaan 

The blessed month of Ramadan is about to end.Now that few hours of this month of mercy are left,I was reflecting on how our lives are so comfortable,of ease & luxuries.How our pantries & fridges are filled with all kinds of delicacies.How we have free flowing clean hot/ cold water, how we can take vitamin supplements to energize us,coffee/tea to keep us awake for Qiyam. Cars to take us to any masjid.Yet …. wa maa qadrullaha haqqa qadrihi

(39:67) They did not recognise the true worth of Allah…

We couldn’t give the due Haq of Allah.Praise Him,worship Him, thank Him… as much as He deserves.

The sahaba karaam ( ra) had nothing compared to what we have. Their lives were minimal.They barely had food to survive yet their hearts were filled with Imaan.

They had love of Allah & rasool Allah (PBUH).

Their hearts were free from love of Duniya.

May Allah forgive our shortcomings.
O Allah make Imaan dear to us & beautify our Imaan in our hearts.

Quran Journal 

Amidst all the fear & panic in Calgary about Islamophobia & hate crimes, some were saying that they wont go to mosques for taraweh or Friday prayers or Eid prayers.I kept thinking about how different Muslims are reacting in different ways.These thoughts were lingering in my mind.Then as per my routine when I opened The Holy Quran to read.I came across this verse.Quran is a guidance for all times,Allah guides us,comforts us through it.May Allah make us steadfast & strengthen our Imaan.May we fear only Him. 

Points to ponder~
*Allah swt is teaching us in this ayah that if we have second thoughts about going to the house of Allah.It will still be visited by people who have stronger belief in Allah than us.

If we dont go we are depriving ourselves of the reward & benefits of going to the mosque.

*If one truly has fear of Allah & the Last Day nothing can stop him/her from going to the mosque.

*We need to fear Allah alone.Not people,not what the media portrays,not what people scare us with.

*If one is an establisher of Salah & offers charity then he/she will be one go goes to the mosque.

*Such people are the ones who are truly guided.
Share your reflections below on reading this ayah.