Quran Journal 

Surah Isra 

“If you do good you do good for yourselves”…

Points to ponder~

*The purpose of our creation- He who created life & death to test us, who among us will do good deeds.[Surah Mulk:2]

*So if we do good deeds we are in a way fulfilling our purpose of life.

* Allah swt has created us to spread love, peace & do good to all.

*Good deeds is not just doing the acts of worship like salah,fast,charity,haj(pilgrimage) but our life mainly consists of our dealings with people.

*When we do sabr(patience),forgive, forget, over look others faults, show mercy to young & old, respect our elders,contiue to be good even to those who are mean to us-all this is Ahsaan-doing good

*Having a good akhlaq(good manners, character) is also doing good.

*Whenever we do good, its going to benefit us in both worlds.

*Maintaining families ties, no matter how difficult it is for us – is also doing good.

*A clean heart & a smile on your face is also doing good.

*Allah knows how hard it was for us to do good with a particular person & at a particular moment(or time of our life)& surely He is All Knowing,All Seeing & All Hearing.

Surely Allah is As Shakoor- One who will reward us abundantly.

*So O my dear soul never get tired of doing good.😊