Quran Journal 

This Ramadan I planned to do a Quran Journal while I am studying & pondering over the beautiful verses of The Quran.Also I got inspired to write a Quran journal after listening to Sh Yasir Birjas lecture series Ramadan Marathon.

I hope that it will be a reminder for me & everyone in sha Allah.So lets begin …



Points to ponder

* We all are created from dust,something that we consider to be so insignificant.We need to remember our origin & never forget that,never think high of ourselves.Never be arrogant of whatever status,knowledge,beauty,race,wealth Allah has blessed us with.

*How we start off as dust or a lump of flesh & Allah has perfected us into the shape we are now.With perfect hearing,sight & a heart that feels…It feels the happiness,sorrow,pain.A heart that can give so much of love to all of humanity – whether it be men or women or plants or animals.

Make use of your senses to feel the beautiful world Allah created for us to enjoy & our heart to spread love & peace on earth.

*Often we are born in a city & then we disperse on the earth in search of a better life,a better job,for our kids better future.

In this Allah gives us new friends,wisdom,maturity but we often leave behind our parents,our loved ones,fond memories of childhood.

O Allah make me one that brings khair (good) to all.

O Allah remove all pride from my heart & make me thankful & humble.



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